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BY600 Simplified Tablet Film Coating Machine

  • BY600 Simplified Tablet Film Coating Machine
  • BY600 Simplified Tablet Film Coating Machine
  • BY600 Simplified Tablet Film Coating Machine
Model No.︰BY600
Brand Name︰SHPM
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 1650 / set
Minimum Order︰1 set
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Product Description
  BY-600 Simplified Tablet Film Coating Machine

Product Description

A. Uses
Chinese water chestnut-type coating machine is mainly used for the pharmaceutical industry in the compaction of the tablets, pills, and coated particles can also be used in the food industry in the mechanism or candy coating.
The sugar-coated tablet coated with a shiny polished surface to prevent oxidation, moisture, or volatile, but also covers the peculiar smell of tablet core, makes it easy for distinguishing and dissolving in human stomach intestine system.

B. Basic Technical Parameters
1. Coating pan diameter: 600mm
2. Production capacity: 8-15kg/time
3. Regulating range of air temperature: Normal temperature -80 ° C
4. Speed regulating range of main engine: 0 ~40r/min
5. Main motor power: 0.75kw
6. Blower fans power: 120w
7. Air compressor: Self-prepared
8. Heating total power: 2Kw
9. Solenoid Valve: G1 / 8 "

C. Working Principle
Pot body clockwise rotation, through the inverter to adjust the speed pot, gun on the pot-chip re-sprayed coating liquid, so that uniform coating liquid coating on the chip and make tablets tumble in the pot evenly, while the pot Link to hot air, remove the tablet surface water and access to qualified coated tablets.
With reasonable switching, stable speed to make tablets to create the best logistic curve in the pan, in order to meet the technological requirements coating.

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