KFG Series Production Line For Power Medicine For Injection

KFG Series Production Line For Power Medicine For Injection

Model No.︰KFG

Brand Name︰SHPM

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 193400 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description


KFG Series Production Line For Power Medicine For Injection


This production line, consist of KCZP type ultrasonic auto bottle washing machine, GMS type tunnel laminar flow sterilization dire, KFG type power filling machine, DJ-100 roll wheel type light examining machine, KTN type non-dry sticky labeling machine, either work together linked by convey belt, or work individually. It is extensively applied in a various kinds and specifications of eye drop liquid production.



After digesting and absorbing the advanced technique of same kind products from abroad, the machine unit is a new generation product with reasonable structure, higher automation degree.

With higher production efficiency, it runs reliable and gets higher precision in filling accuracy. It comes with mechanical and electronic integration technology, reaching the advanced level at home. It exactly follows the GMP rules in medical machine and satisfies the GMP requirement for drug production.

Bottle washing machine

Adopting ultrasonic washing, the construction is simple and reasonable. Bette washing effortis getting.

Tunnel dryer

Adopting imported electricity elements control, operation parameter can be set, shown and printed. With adjustable running speed, adopting purified 100-classlaminar flow protecting while sterilizing and drying, Working temperature can be adjusted for plastic bottle.

Power filling machine

As a pioneer, with unique and advanced filling structure, the machine can get higher filling

precision, larger adjusting scope without any leakage.

Light examining machine

Light examination will get better if the diaphaneity instrument is involved.

Non-dry sticky labeling machine

Automatically complete to stick label, batch number printing step and automatically show the quantity record. Adopting the heat print method to get clear handwriting.

Main technical parameter

Filling specification: 2-100ml

Production capacity:

1 filling machine equipped




2 filling machine equipped, output arises 90%

Filling accuracy :<2%-3%

Electric power :35kw

Water consumption :700l/h

Water pressure :0.25Mpa

Clean compressed air consumption: 300l/min


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