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LFP-150B Vertical Capsule Polishing Machine

US $ 5850
     LFP-150B Vertical Capsule Polishing Machine  LFP-150B series capsule polishing machine has the dual function of capsule polishing and lifting, and the entrance of the machine can be used with any type of capsule filling machine. The export can be used with the capsule sort...

HPT-II Capsule Polisher with Sorter

US $ 2175
HPT-II  Capsule Polisher with Sorter   Description:   The Model HPT-II polisher with the function of sorter as well. It plays the function of not only the polishing for capsule and tablet but eliminating static electricity. It can also automatically reject low weight capsule; loo...

CYJ-150 Capsule Polishing Machine

US $ 1350
CYJ-150 Polishing Machine   This machine is a kind of novel pharmaceutical equipment. It conforms to the sanitary requirements in pharmaceutical industry, as shown to be that it improves the surface finish of capsules or tablets by polishing dusts on their surface via a stepless control spee...

Total 3 Products Showing 1 - 3

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