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SF Series Pulverizer

US $ 3580
  Sunhang Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Limited                       SF Series Pulverizer Group   Main Application: This machine is used in chemical industry, medicine (traditional Ch...

JZL Extruding Granulator

US $ 3650
  Sunhang parmceutical Machinery Co., Limited                       JZL Extruding Granulator   Main Usages: This machine is applicable for all specifications of damp granules in pharma...

YK-160B Oscillating Granulator

US $ 2180
  Sunhang Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Limited                       YK Series Oscillating Granulator   Main Usage: Widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff trades

HD Multidirectional Movement Mixer

US $ 8550
  HD Multidirectional Movement Mixer   Application: This new designed mixer is widely applied in pharmaceuticals foodstuffs, chemical, industrials and light industries to mix dry powder and granulator. Principle: This mixer provides high quality mixing by meanings of the multi directio...

CH50 Trough Type Mixer

US $ 1180
  CH10 , 50 Trough Type Mixer This machine is a horizontal single propeller mixer. It is mainly used to mix different proportional dried and moist powder uniformly in pharmaceutical industry. There is no material solution, volatilizing and deteriorating when mixing.It is also suitable in food...

Total 5 Products Showing 1 - 5

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