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DSG2/80 Series Production Line for Eye Drop Liquid

  • DSG2/80 Series Production Line for Eye Drop Liquid
  • DSG2/80 Series Production Line for Eye Drop Liquid
  • DSG2/80 Series Production Line for Eye Drop Liquid
  • DSG2/80 Series Production Line for Eye Drop Liquid
  • DSG2/80 Series Production Line for Eye Drop Liquid
Model No.︰DSG2/80
Brand Name︰SHPM
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 46150 / set
Minimum Order︰1 set
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Product Description

DSG2/80 Series Washing, Drying, Filling, and Sealing Production Line for Eye Drop Liquid



This product line, consist of KAQ type rotary bottle washing machine , GMS type tunnel laminar flow sterilization drier, DSG2/80 type liquid filling and revolving capping machine, DJ type light examining machine, KTN type non-dry sticky labeling machine, extensively applied in varies kind and specification of eye drop liquid production.


Function characteristics:

After digesting and absorbing the advanced technique of same kind products from abroad, the machine unit is a new generation product with reasonable structure, higher automation degree. With higher production efficiency, it runs reliable and gets highly precise in filling. It adopts the mechanical and electronic integration technology, reaching the advanced level domestically. It exactly follows the GMP rules in pharmaceutical machine and satisfies the GMP requirement for drug production.

KAQ Type Bottle Washing Machine

With special structure, held by machinery hand, bottle is sprinkled in dividedly.

Higher clean degree of bottle and lower water construction. It is also suitable for plastic bottle cleaning.


Main technical parameter

  • Bottle size: 1,2,5,10,20ml ampoule
  • Power supply: 380V, 50 Hz
  • Power consumed: 0.65kw
  • The pressure of pure water consumed: 0.7m3/h
  • The quantity of indecting water consumed: 0.35m3/h
  • The quantity of clean compressed air:0. 3-0.4Mpa
  • The quantity of clean compressed air consumed: 40m3/h
  • Weight: approx.600kg
  • Overall dimension (LX HX W) 1660X1560X1300mm

Production capacity

  • 2ml ampoule: 10000 bottles/h
  • 5ml-10ml: 6000bottles/h
  • 20ml: 3500bottles/h

GMS Series Tunnel Dryer

Adopting imported electricity elements control; operation parameter can be set, shown and printed. With adjustable running speed, adopting purified 100-classlaminar flows protecting while sterilizing and drying. Working temperature can be adjusted for plastic bottle.

Main technical parameter

  • sterilizing temperature: 350??
  • sterilizing time: ?5min
  • Net stripe speed: 50-250mm/min (infinitely variable speeds)
  • Temperature of vial at the outlet of the tunnel:?üroom temperature +15??
  • Clean grade: 100-class
  • Cool method: 100-class vertical laminar flow cool
  • Fan: two TDF type low-noise fans
  • Power supply: 380V 50Hz
  • Electric heating tube: two holes, quartz tube, plated gold
  • Single machine noise: ?ü70Db
  • Overall dimension (LXHXW):




  • Power consumed:

GMS-500: 50kw

GMS-700: 72kw

GMS-900: 90kw

Production capacity

(|?22cillin bottle as example)bottle/h

GMS-500 10000-20000

GMS-700 20000-30000

GMS-900 30000-40000

NOTE: Besides above three sizes, we also can design, manufacture according to the requirements of users to meet the needs of the user?ˉs production.

Can equip according to customers require of the bottle pusher. 

DSG2/80 Liquid filling and revolving capping machine

Set the filling amount by microcomputer, filling is carried by peristalsis pump, inner stopper and outer cap capped by machinery hand, set torque for revolving the cap. It also has auto stop filling device while there is no bottle. The quality of whole machines stable. With higher filling precision, there is no filling drop leak. I t revolves the cap with higher accuracy without any loose.

Main technical parameter

  • Filling quantity: 2-50ml
  • The heads of filling: 2
  • Tolerance of filling quantity: ?ü?à1.5%
  • The qualified ratio of rotating ¨Ccap:?Y99%
  • Power supply: 220V 50Hz
  • Power consumed: 1.3kw
  • Required compressed air:
  • Quantity: 25-35l/min
  • Pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa
  • Weight: approx 300kg
  • Overall dimension:(LXHXW) 1940X960X1480mm 

Production capacity:


DJ-100 Light examining machine

Light examination will get better effect if the diaphaneity instrument is involved.

Main technical parameter

  • Size of suitable bottle: |?12-|?30mm
  • Capacity of production: 60-120bottles/min
  • Power supply: 220V 50 Hz
  • Power: 100w
  • Weight: 40kg
  • Overall dimension: (LXHXW) 1000X500X1250mm

KTN-A Non-dry sticky labeling machine

Automatically complete to stick label, batch number printing step and automatically show the quantity record. Adopting the heat print method to get clear handwriting. Print format is adjustable.

Main technical parameter

  • Bottle size: |?12-|?100mm
  • Label size: Maximum size of single label: 100x50mm

Maximum outside diameter of label dish: |?350mm

Center hole of label dish: |?75mm

  • Qualified rate of labeling: ?Y99%
  • Power supply: 220v 50Hz
  • Power consumed: 0.3kw
  • The pressure of compressed air equipped: 0.4-0.6Mpa
  • The quantity of consumed compressed air equipped: 0.1m3/h
  • Weight 100kg
  • Overall dimension (LX H X W):

KTN-A-1: 1835X740X1300mm

KTN-A-2: 1460X1000X1050mm

Production capacity

  • Bottleneck|?12-|?22mm: 120-150bottles/min
  • Bottleneck|?25-|?35mm:100bottles/min
  • Bottleneck|?35-|?56mm:80bottles/min
  • Bottleneck|?56-|?100mm:60bottles/min 

Main technical parameter

  • Filing specification: 5-10ml
  • Production capacity: 5-10ml80-100bottles/min


The machine with filling amount range from 30ml to 200ml can be ordered according to customer needs.

  • Filling accuracy:?ü2%-3%
  • Electric power: 18kw
  • Water consumption: 500l/h
  • Clean compressed air consumption: 300l/min
  • Clean compressed air pressure:015-0.25Mpa
  • Overall dimension:(L X HX W) 9500X1400X1900

Technique service

We could train operation personnel and offer equipment data for GMP validation


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