• DXDF140E Intelligent Packing Machine
  • DXDF140E Intelligent Packing Machine
  • DXDF140E Intelligent Packing Machine
  • DXDF140E Intelligent Packing Machine
  • DXDF140E Intelligent Packing Machine

DXDF140E Intelligent Packing Machine

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1 set

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Product Description


Sunhang Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Limited.                      

DXDF140E Intelligent Packing Machine

  The process of measuring, bag-making, filling, sealingprinting and cutting can be done automatically.
  The packaging machine can pack many kinds of material such as grain, powder, liquid and tablet, etc.


  Powder kind: Milk powder, bean powder, condiment, humid pesticide powder, etc.

Packaging Material:

  Various Laminate Filmfor example: Polypropylene/PolythenePolyester/Aluminium foil/PolythenePolyester/Aluminium-plating/Polythene, Nylon/PolythenePolyester/Polytheneetc.

Technical Features:

  1. It is PLC-controlled with touch panel and digital display to achieve reliable and easy operation.

  2. Step motor is applied in bag-making system with high precision.

  3. With automatically intelligence tracking system, it can get rid of fake color mark, self-positioning and length-fixing automatically.

  4. Horizontal and vertical sealing device achieves sealing respectively. Bag-pulling and rollers are between horizontal sealers and vertical ones.

  5. Cutting while sealing. NO breaking.

  6. It is equipped with side-opening shield and paper-conveying is controlled by detecting mechanism of third class.

  7. With electric calefaction mechanism, the temperature is controlled intelligently.

  8. Filling and measuring mechanism is new entirely.

Technical Parameter:
  Power: AC220V/380V/50HZ three-phase five-wire system
  Pouch length: (L)50
205 mm
  Pouch width:(W)40
140 mm
  Packaging speed: 28
50 Bag/min;;
  Filling Capacity
40400 ml

  Seal Style3-side
  Power Consumption: 1.8 Kw

  Measuring Method: Auger

  Weight: 235 Kg
  Dimension: 995 mm
LX 800 mmWX 1975 mmH

Optional devices:

  1. The above machine may be equiped with hot stamp imprinting machine.

  2. It is choice to be shaking matter-delivering mechanism.

  3. The machine that has special bag-size or measuring requirement can be devised and produced specially.

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