KTN- A Non-drying Sticker Labeling Machine

KTN- A Non-drying Sticker Labeling Machine

Model No.︰KTN- A

Brand Name︰SHPM

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 6150 / set

Minimum Order︰1 set

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Product Description

KTN- A Non-drying Sticker Labeling Machine



KTN-A non-dryer sticker labeling machine is improved from the same type at home and abroad. It can auto change label, auto check label, inspect bottle in-position, applies to label on cylinder straight tube bottle and plastic bottle. It’s ideal equipment for pharmacy, food, chemical industry to label non-drying sticker.


l         Small volume, operate easily, convenient to maintain.

l         Single machine can produce or form a complete set with production line.

l         Auto finish labeling, typing procedure by computer-set and photo-electricity-control.

l         Auto display and count.

l         Won’t deliver label, without bottle, auto stop as no label or stripe broken.

l         Auto align label, auto type lot number.

l         Hot wave type, handwriting is clear.

l         Design according to the requirements of GMP.

Main Technical Parameter :

l         Bottle size: Φ12-Φ100mm

l         Label size: maximum size of single label: 100*50mm

maximum outside diameter, of label dish: Φ350mm

              center hole of label dish: Φ75mm

l         Qualified rate of labeling: 99%

l         Power supply: 220V 50Hz

l         Power consumed: 0.3kw

l         The pressure of compressed air equipped: 0.4-0.6Mpa.

l         The quantity of consumed compressed air equipped: 0.1m3/min

l         Weight: 100kg

l         Overall dimension: (L*B*H)

KTN-A-1:   1835*740*1300(mm)

KTN-A-2:   1460*1000*1050(mm)

Production Capacity

Bottleneck Φ12-Φ22:  120-150 bottles/min

Bottleneck Φ25-Φ35:      100 bottles/min

Bottleneck Φ35-Φ56:       80 bottles/min

Bottleneck Φ56-Φ100:      60 bottles/min



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